Bowen Training Academy – Owner and Instructor

Janet E. Riley RN, HN-BC®
Registered Bowenwork® Instructor

Janet E. Riley RN has been a Registered Nurse since 1984 and has been practising Bowenwork® as a part of her nursing practice since 2000. Her experience prior to being in independent practice includes orthopaedic surgery and geriatric rehabilitation. Her education in this work has taken her to Europe, Australia and the US collaborating with expert Bowen instructors since 2000. She is board certified as a Holistic Nurse with the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation and American Holistic Nurses Association.  She is a Senior Student Advisor and instructor with the Canadian Institute of Integrative Nursing Development and Education (theCIINDE) where she is teaching and developing courses in complementary therapies for holistic nurse coaches.

She has been a Bowenwork/Bowtech® instructor since 2010 teaching across Canada. As a Senior Instructor with the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, she offers training up to and including certification as a Bowenwork® practitioner. Additionally she offers post certification courses including an approved CEU course for international instruction called Energetic Assessment for the Bowenwork® Practitioner.