Energetic Assessment for the Bowenwork® Practitioner

Transform your Bowen practice without transforming Bowen

This workshop was developed by Janet Riley, is offered exclusively by her,
and is open to certified Bowenwork® practitioners.

This course is a two‐day training program to introduce the Bowenwork® practitioner to the concept of energetic assessment during a Bowen session. The objective of the program is to increase effectiveness, improve perception and therefore session outcomes for clients as well as improved energetic health for the practitioner and the space they work in.

The course includes instruction in how to experience energetic shifts when working on a client even if you have never felt you had that skill previously. A specialized energy activation designed to increase awareness and skills in assessing the energetic response to the Bowen move, is a part of this two‐day seminar. The course will also include techniques for self‐care including the power of intention and aligning with the parasympathetic state of your clients during their Bowen session.

Skills learned during the course helps to create wholeness within the practitioner that can then be translated into their own life in terms of self‐care as well as in their practice as a practitioner. Learning how to assess energetically when a client is processing the input from the Bowen move or procedure without engaging the client verbally, is the objective of this workshop. At the end of the 16 hour class Energetic Assessment for the Bowenwork® Practitioner, the student will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of the human energy system
  • Experience meditation and its role in self care
  • Understand the relationship between our own state of being with that of the client and how that impacts the effects of the Bowen session
  • Learn techniques for experiencing energy
  • Receive an activation that increases the potential for experiencing energy in their own energy field as well as their clients
  • Expand the experience of perceiving changes from a non physical perspective during a Bowen session
  • Learn how the perception of energetic changes can change the amount of Bowenwork® that is done and what procedures are selected

Examples of class feedback:

“This course covered new grounds for me. I was introduced to different perspectives and experiences from different people. I learned and participated in meditations (I always avoided them before). The activation was OUT OF THIS WORLD. And although I still don’t necessarily see or feel or sense the energetic reactions (yet) like everybody else in the class did: I am not worried. Because something happened. I was super energized all weekend and still kind of hyper when I got home for a few days, but I seem to be calming down now. Janet was the perfect teacher to develop and teach this class. She has years of practice, and a journey of experiences that she draws upon. And she spoke with such passion that just lit her up. She was inspiring.”

“Questions were answered with calm and clarity and relevant stories. Good samples given of energy tools. You are good at taking each comment and question back to a Bowen context. The time for dialogue and sharing among the participants was really important. Personally and professionally it’s wonderful to play with how we perceive things with a willing and nonjudgmental group. The group effort accelerates the learning and confidence building. The activation was lovely and powerful.”